Information Technology & Data Management


To provide reliable Information Technology (IT) service to MIEMSS and the Maryland EMS Community by coordinating and developing innovative Information Technology Systems. 

Within MIEMSS, the Information Technology Division consists of four (4) Major Components: Network Support Services; Database Development, Management and Administration; Statistical Data Analysis; and Applications Support Services.

Three (3) major ongoing projects of the Information Technology staff include the Electronic Maryland Ambulance Information System - EMAIS®, the County Hospital Alert Tracking System (CHATS), and the Facility Resource Emergency Database (FRED). EMAIS is designed to replace the current paper run sheet with a web-based computer software application. CHATS tracks six different alert types for the hospitals and jurisdictions within all 5 Maryland EMS Regions. The data help identify emergency department overcrowding as it occurs, so that appropriate patient transports may be redirected to less crowded facilities as needed. FRED allows MIEMSS to send an alert to all hospitals requesting an update on their current status. This includes not only beds, but also staffing and medications, as well as information from the local jurisdictions regarding EMS staffing.

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Network Support Services

Network Infrastructure Development and Maintenance
Server and Workstation Support
Software Application Development
Asset Management

Database Development, Management and Administration

Database Development and Reconstruction
EMAIS®, MAIS, and CMAIS Support
CHATS, FRED Management and Administration
Database Uploads

Statistical Data Analysis

In-depth CHATS Analysis
Ad Hoc Reporting from MAIS, EMAIS®, and CMAIS
MCASS Analysis
Trauma Registry Reporting
Ancillary EMS Database Analysis

Applications Support Services

Help Desk Support for EMAIS®
EMAIS® Application Support to End Users
MAIS Form Scanning, Editing and Committing
MAIS Form Imaging