SyscomThe MIEMSS Statewide Communications System is a complex network that provides communications among ambulances, medevac helicopters, dispatch centers, hospital emergency departments, trauma centers, specialty referral centers, and law enforcement. MIEMSS’ highly integrated Communications System has been cited as a model for the nation.  The Communications System, which operates 24 / 7 / 365, includes:

EMRC Communications (Emergency Medical Resource Center) – The EMRC medical channel radio communications system links EMS clinicians in the field with hospital-based medical consultation.  The EMRC operator receives calls from EMS clinicans in the field, directs the clinicians to the appropriate med-channel, and establishes a patch to the appropriate medical facility.  Consultation facilities and multiple hospitals can be patched into a single consultation.  The EMRC plays a critical role that aids in ensuring a coordinated response to major incidents and catastrophic events.  The EMRC can also be accessed by local and 800-service dial telephone.  During FY07, EMRC handled 319,057 phone / radio calls.

SYSCOM Helicopter Communications – By statute, MIEMSS is responsible for medevac helicopter communications.  All medevac helicopters transporting patients to / from medical facilities within Maryland are required to communicate with SYSCOM.  Ten (10) VHF 44.74 MHz helicopter communication sites are located across the 95% of the state to ensure reliable radio coverage.  A Maryland State Police (MSP) Duty Officer is stationed in SYSCOM to dispatch MSP helicopters.  During FY07, SYSCOM handled 53,822 phone / radio calls, of which 6,186 were requests for medevac helicopters.

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