It is imperative that all seriously ill and injured patients be delivered in a timely manner to the closest appropriate facility. There are 48 hospital emergency departments in Maryland. When patients need a higher level of care, MIEMSS has designated nine trauma centers and specialty referral centers including ones for burns, cardiac, spinal cord injuries, pediatrics, eye, hand/upper extremity, hyperbaric, neurotrauma, perinatal, and stroke (primary and comprehensive) centers across the state. Maryland’s Trauma and EMS System insures that the patient get to the right facility to receive the right care through the use of statewide medical protocols for EMS clinicians.

Health Care Facilities & Special Programs

Our Mission is to implement the designation and verification processes for trauma and specialty referral centers, to provide continuing evaluation of these centers for compliance with the regulations and standards in COMAR 30.08 et seq., and to ensure ongoing quality monitoring of the trauma/specialty care system.

The Hospital Programs staff  manage and coordinate quality monitoring activities for the trauma/specialty care system. Key components of the ongoing monitoring activities are the trauma registry data analysis, monthly meetings with the Maryland Trauma and Specialty Care Quality Improvement Committee, and case-specific follow-up on consumer complaints.