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10 Steps to Providing the Right Care When it Counts

Right Care When It Counts Poster

The Right Care When It Counts Poster  is a 10-Step outline of how to be better prepared if your child has an emergency.

To order a poster, please contact us via email at: cwright@miemss.org

Ten steps to take in an Emergency

  1. Call 9-1-1 Immediately
  2. Call Poison Control Immediately
  3. If you think your child has been seriously injured do not move your child
  4. Know how to treat your child in case of a burn
  5. Be prepared if your child has a seizure
  6. Know what to do if your child is bleeding
  7. Know how to help a child with a broken bone
  8. Do not administer the Heimlich maneuver or CPR unless you are trained
  9. Have your emergency plan on hand
  10. Make it easy for emergency personnel to find you

Ten ways to be better prepared if your child has an Emergency

  1. Check if 9-1-1 is the right number to call
  2. Keep a well-stocked First Aid Kit on hand
  3. Make a list of Emergency phone numbers
  4. Teach your children who to call and what to say 
  5. Make sure your house number is visible from the street
  6. Keep a clear and up to date record of Immunizations
  7. Write down medical conditions, medications and dosages
  8. Make a list of allergies and reactions
  9. If you have health insurance, check your emergency coverage
  10. Take First Aid Classes

Posters are available from the EMSC Program office at MIEMSS

Poster #1 is a 10-Step outline of how to be better prepared if your child has an emergency.

Poster #2 incorporates pictures from across Maryland and is double sided with both English and Spanish. 

To order a poster, please contact us via email at: cwright@miemss.org

2024 Award Nominations

Nomination forms for the 2024 Annual Stars of Life and Right Care When It Counts Awards ​are open and available through the Smart Sheet application links. Please nominate individuals and teams throughout the year.

Final Deadline: Friday March 29, 2024

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