Free Safety Posters

The posters were designed and produced by the CPS & Occupant Protection  Healthcare Project. These posters can be ordered for FREE for use in your company.

1. Buckle UP – Every Ride Every Time 
2. SECURE – Safe Transport
3. Buckle Up Maryland 


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MIEMSS Buckle Up Project

The MIEMSS EMSC, SOCALR and Educational Support Programs continue to work on the following objectives related to Ambulance Safety:

  1. Increase public safety professionals’ use of seat belt in Fire, EMS, and Rescue vehicles. (BUCKLE UP – Every Ride Every Time) Poster available.
  2. Public education of "Buckle Up" during the focused NHTSA Enforcement weeks in November and May (BUCKLE UP – Seat Belts Save Lives) to support the Click or Ticket national and statewide campaign.
  3. EMS, Fire and Rescue companies promoting Seat Belt Use in the local community with BUCKLE UP MARYLAND – Day & Night . . . It's the Law banners and occupant protection information at open houses. Poster and Banner available.
  4. Correct use of all 5 stretcher straps with larger children and adults patients on stretchers and weight appropriate child restraint devices on stretchers for children and infants.
  5. All family members being correctly restrained with a lap – shoulder safety belt n the patient care compartment or in the front passenger seat.
  6. Equipment is secured to prevent or minimize injury to anyone in a moving EMS Vehicle. (SECURE) Poster available.
  7. Provide continuing education workshop on correct use of patient safety belts in both public safety and interfacility transport ambulances. Contact the EMSC program office at to request materials or workshop.
  8. Develop educational materials & web resources on the correct use of patient safety belts for different sized patients of all ages for both seated and stretcher positions within ambulances.