Maryland VAIP Inspection Resources

The Voluntary Ambulance Inspection Program (VAIP) serves to formally recognize, and make readily apparent to the public, those emergency response vehicles in Maryland that are equipped to a standard of excellence as defined by the program's inspection guidelines. These Fact Sheets are one tool to assist in preparing for an inspection.

  1. Maryland Triage Tag Kit (foot note 5)
  2. Cot with mattress, four wheels and adjustable head position. Three safety straps with integrated shoulder harness (foot note 13)
  3. Padded Board Splints (foot note 17)
  4. Maryland Medical Protocols for Emergency Medical Services Providers (foot note 33)
  5. Blood Pressure Cuffs
  6. Extrication Equipment (Toolbox)
  7. Non-Coring Right Angle Needle
  8. Stethoscope: pediatric and adult
  9. Lavage Syringe