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EMS Compliance Update

November 17, 2022

The EMS Board

The EMS Board is authorized to take disciplinary action against clinicians who engage in prohibited conduct to safeguard the integrity of the EMS system. COMAR lists conduct which is prohibited. Below is a sample of actions the EMS Board has taken since April 2022, as a result of prohibited conduct. For more information, contact Lisa Chervon, Chief of the MIEMSS Office of Integrity, at lchervon@miemss.org or (410) 706-2339. MIEMSS also maintains a searchable database of all decisions, which can be found online on the Public Orders Report page.


IRC21-063 (EMT) May 11, 2022. On March 6, 2019, the EMT pled guilty to the crime of theft scheme $1,500 to under $25,000. The EMT was subsequently sentenced on June 5, 2019, to a one-year jail term, with all but six days suspended. The EMT was also issued unsupervised probation for a period of one month. Furthermore, upon subsequent application for EMT certification renewal on October 23, 2021, the EMT failed to disclose the aforementioned disposition. As a result of the above findings, the EMT was reprimanded and placed on probation for six years.


IRC22-001 (EMT) May 11, 2022. On December 22, 2021, the EMT was found guilty of second-degree assault. The EMT was subsequently sentenced to three months in jail with the entire sentence suspended, as well as three years of supervised probation. The EMT was also ordered to attend mental health counseling. As a result of the above findings, the EMT was placed on probation concurrent with his criminal probation.


IRC22-006 (EMT) June 21, 2022. On December 16, 2021, the EMT was found guilty of impersonating a police officer, and was issued unsupervised probation before judgment for a period of one year, and assigned 200 hours of community service, to be completed by December 17, 2022. The EMT’s certification is currently on probation for the EMT’s first certification cycle (04/13/21 – 06/30/24) related to incident #: IRC21-002, pursuant to a Disposition Agreement entered into by the EMS Board on May 21, 2021, as a result of a second-degree assault conviction on October 18, 2019. As a result of the above findings, the EMT’s certification is suspended for 90 days from the date of this notice, during which time the EMT must obtain a psychological evaluation for fitness for duty and complete an anger management program approved by the EMS Board. The EMT will also remain on probation until June 30, 2025.


IRC22-002 (Paramedic) August 17, 2022. On January 6, 2022, a discrepancy in narcotics reporting was discovered, resulting from the Paramedic’s failure to complete an electronic patient care report in a timely manner, as required by COMAR. As a result of this, as well as multiple previous incidents of failure to properly complete ePCRs, the jurisdiction temporarily suspended the Paramedic for a period of seven days, and issued a formal letter of reprimand. As a result of the above findings, the Paramedic’s license is suspended for 30 days retroactively, with a 100% quality assurance review to be conducted within a period of 90 days. Additionally, the Paramedic shall meet with State EMS Medical Director Dr. Timothy Chizmar to discuss the matter, and will remain on probation for two years.


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