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The Maryland Institute for Emergency Medical Services Systems (MIEMSS) requires an agreement with hospitals that have access to the eMEDS® Hospital Hub. A blank copy of the updated agreement is located below.

The Hub provides hospitals with access to electronic pre-hospital patient care reports. Hospitals are able to log in to the Hub, view pre-hospital reports for patients transported by ambulance to their facility, and print those reports to be compiled into the patient’s medical record. 

The agreement should be executed by the appropriate hospital official with authority to sign agreements on behalf of the hospital. In the space provided on the MOU, please also indicate a Primary and Secondary Contact who will serve as the hospital’s point of contact for the Hub, approve hospital personnel who are to have access to the Hub, and request MIEMSS to issue Hub passwords for approved personnel.

Below is also a form titled, “Hospital Access to eMEDS® Reports – Request for Password.” This form must be completed for each individual at your hospital for whom access to the Hub is needed. This form must be signed and approved by the Hospital’s Primary or Secondary Contact identified in the executed agreement. Any request for passwords that is received without proper approval of the Primary or Secondary Contact will be returned to the hospital.

Once MIEMSS receives an approved request for a password from the Primary / Secondary Contact, the approved user will be added into the eMEDS® system, and the approved user and the Primary / Secondary contact will be notified of the user’s login information. When the user first logs into the system, he/she will be required to change their password and will then have access to pre-hospital electronic patient care reports for patients transported to your hospital.

Hospital Hub Web Address


How to Update E-Mail Address - Users

The following instructions will guide you through the process to update your profile’s e-mail address in the Hospital Hub. This is an important feature that is used when using the system’s “Forgot Password” option. The e-mail address needs to be your hospital assigned e-mail address for security reasons.
Click Here for Instructions on how to Change/Update User’s E-Mail Address

“My password is not working!!”

One request that is received many times is to reset a user’s password. If a user is having problems with their password, please use the “Forgot Your Password” option available on the login screen. An e-mail will be sent to the address in your profile which will walk you through the process on how to reset your password. If the forgot your password does not work, please send an e-mail from the user having the issue to and we will be able to update your e-mail address and reset your password. The e-mail you send should be from your hospital assigned e-mail account. If you have any further questions, please e-mail the eMEDS® Support Desk ( and we will get back to you.

MOUs Currently On File

Attached below is a link to view the current MOUs we have on file. With this link, you can click the paperclip icon and receive a PDF copy of the MOU, and an updated report of users with current access. If anything on this MOU is incorrect, or needs to be updated, we do ask that a new MOU be submitted. If a new MOU needs to be submitted, please find the blank MOU at the bottom of this article. If any users need to be removed please send a list of those users, and we will process them.

Click Here to View Current MOUs on File


Hospital Access to eMEDS Reports - Request for Password - 2019.07.30.pdf
Hospital Hub MOU Agreement - Blank Form - 1/18/2023

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